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Connect well and grow exponentially with us on Twitter on a consistent basis. Follow the latest trends on Twitter by just going behind the hashtags that matter the most to you and create the presence of your brand on the platform in just a few brilliant strategies designed by our experts.

Expand Your Message Reach

For expanding your message reach on twitter you need to post it at the right time, in front of the right kind of audience, with the most promising hashtags, by being active for your followers and work on digital word of mouth, create valuable tweet which is worthy of retweet and follow different strategies we design for each and every niche for an exponential ROI.

Audience Engagement To Leads

Twitter is that platform which provides lead after following several steps of a funnel without fail. We create that magnetic funnel for clients which grab the relevant lead as per the niche of our client’s business. We create clear call-to-action that we place with the ad that has the engaging design and content copy based on the problem-solving intent and interest of the audience.

Fine & Explore New Audience

For new audience you need to have a great Twitter profile which audience love to follow as people demand quality and fresh tweet that can help them as well, your profile picture also matters a lot on twitter, your location is also what people look for before following any profile. At SEOCOMPANY.ME we utilize the industry’s best tools that give the result without fail; we also create the frequent tweets for our clients, we engage with them regularly to work on loopholes, we plan for link building strategies for twitter account of our clients to increase the relevant new audience.

Target Potential Audience

We create effective strategies to target the potential audience effortlessly on Twitter. Similar, to Google keyword, location, the interest of people, existing followers and hashtags (only for twitter) are helpful in order to search for the desired audience for our client’s brand, our experts’ research thoroughly to give their best by utilizing the brilliant tools dedicated to Twitter.

Easy to Manage The Spending

Our experts are experienced and best at managing the budget for Twitter advertising and marketing while keeping the ROI at a higher pace. We believe in creating the most out of the budget allotted to a campaign which is the reason why we get the results before the budget gets exhausted by just simply managing it on-time and by following the strategies that convert.

Detailed Analysis & Reporting

A detailed analysis on audience demographics, locations, keywords, their city or location where they belong to, client goal and according to which audience sections is responding well to advertisements are given to our clients in the form of a well-prepared sheet or a database with a daily, monthly or yearly reporting as per the audience choice and audience segmentation.

Not only marketing and advertising on Twitter we also provide the best in class services for Twitter community management as each business need to maintain their online reputation on social media. And these days online reputation and reviews make your potential customer or prospects decide on whether they want to do business or not as each tweet matters and each comment counts.

Website clicks or conversions

Reach customers interested in your product or service with text ads.

Reach & Increase Followers

Run different kinds of ads across the web.

Brand Awareness

Promote your products with Shopping ads.

Mobile App installs

Promote your products with Shopping ads.

Tweet Engagements

Reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the web.

Increase Video Views

Drive app installs across Google's networks.

People use Twitter because it has everything that is required to grow business!

We don’t forget Twitter analytics as this free tool is very insightful which provides and prepares us with every small detailing of a tweet. Our experts create tweet campaigns and promote them by collecting all the insights from Twitter analytics. Each follower is important as per our professional understanding so we research on each follower through Twitter account home, as dashboard keeps everything in place so that we can create a plan for marketing & advertising by following each movement of a tweet, we also keep a check on how to increase followers and the best time to tweet.

We also perform thorough research on tweet campaigns as each campaign leaves us with so many insightful data that helps us in creating better quality tweets for our client’s business growth.

Content sharing and information

Audience engagement & promotion

Direct interaction with customers

Branding & Networking

Organization Reputation Management

Social Traffic Increase

100% Transparency. Full Weekly/Monthly Reports. Guaranteed Website Traffic Increase.

Our bulletproof strategies & planning for Online Marketing help customers to increase web traffic and sales.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Why Twitter Advertising Services?

Twitter advertising services have less competition and higher conversions which is the reason why we offer this option to our client as because of less competition among the brands it is easier to track the target audience and the advertising cost also lies in the given budget frame and the advertisement will cost only when we have achieved the desired goal from it.

Twitter emphasizes on influential and brand new topics as it is a modern day online newspaper of its kind which targets the latest happenings in the world that is a tweet away, we keep this thing in mind and design our strategic planning for twitter marketing and advertising accordingly as per the client’s business niche and goals. As goal-oriented marketing and advertising give us hyper-targeted audience reach and engagements. This also helps us with what our audience likes and dislikes where they stress more and where they can convert this gives us ideas on which ad format will be advantageous.

As the way of creating twitter ads is somewhat similar to Facebook it is easier for our experts to employ the tried and tested techniques which show results on the table. Our priority always accentuates towards attractive creative, objective intended, audience specific, smart bidding and budget-friendly marketing and advertising on Twitter.

How SEOCOMPANY.ME can help through Twitter Advertising & Marketing

A. We create a strong Twitter presence which can convert for your business.

B. We do hyper-targeting and only do advertising and marketing in front of the relevant audience.

C. We perform optimization techniques to get higher conversions as desired.

D. We give the best results with cost-effective investment on Twitter Ads.

E. We make lead generation super easy for our clients and we also give them strategies to retain it for a longer professional relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I advertise on Twitter since there are Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Network sites available?

There are other platforms that you can choose but you should not ignore Twitter as each platform offer some value to each niche. And, the growing reach and users of Twitter shows that people are spending time on Twitter and sometimes it fluctuates but although then this platform is there for you since the day it got birth so our experts strongly believe that there is something about Twitter which makes it popular among a percentage of audience so we consider advertising on Twitter.

How Twitter Advertising & Marketing can increase my brand awareness?

Twitter marketing and advertising can increase the brand awareness by the help of combined efforts while implementing the strategies like increasing engagement through quality copy, headlines, creative and hashtags, email matching techniques, keyword research, and research on competitor’s activities, analysis and tracking makes it easier for us to increase brand awareness of your brand.

What kind of support i will receive?

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to you and support will be provided through Phone, Call and Emails.

Can i get Leads/Enquiries from LinkedIn Advertising & Marketing?

There is certain timing when people are most active on Twitter which has a user base of 300 million active users till date and this number is not going to stop here & good to go with the advertising and marketing on Twitter. We align our result-driven lead generation strategies with the industry’s best tools which makes us capable enough to give our clients’ the desired result they have been waiting for.

For how long should i run the Twitter Advertising?

This depends on the goal of your ad campaign and the budget you wanted to spend on it. Another option is A/B testing and can publish the ad campaigns likewise and measure the results and accordingly one can decide over it. We want to give an approach which converts the best for our clients and then the client and our expert team decide over it.

Is there any contract that i have to sign?

No, we dont bound our customers in any contract but we recommend to run at least 3-4 months campaigns for a better outcome.

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