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Landing Page Design matters a lot if you are doing PAID marketing!

In today’s Digital Era first impression is a complete package of how your website looks till how you respond to your website’s visitor or your customer. Not only outstanding landing page design but also the way your website resolving the query with which this visitor came to your site matters a lot. An aesthetically appealing site, as well as easy navigation, gives your business a plus factor. Get the most amazing outcomes from your landing page with our experts' strategies.

We keep a track on site speed and accessibility and give our customers an insight on weaker and stronger points. Give your customer an experience of the flawless landing page with customizable designs as per business requirements.

First Impression is the last Impression.

Decrease Bounce Rate.

Better no. of leads & Conversions.

Unlimited design changes

Full tracking & analysis

Our designed & developed Landing Pages increase the sales & conversion rate and designed to have the better quality score on adwords campaign. 

Get the best from SEOCOMPANY.ME experts and give your business an impactful boost to get noticed on the digital platform. Build your brand’s personality and image to indulge your audience into a delightful brand experience. Our customizable design sets provide you with a variety and a focussed website which can attract the desired visitors with engagement elevation.

Lead in the business with our designed and developed landing page for your specific need from the online marketing campaigns.

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How an effective Landing Page Benefit your organization

Focussed & Audience Specific

To make an effective landing page content and image plays a vital role. One must design a landing page which says the content in the simplest way by giving the message which takes the visitor to call-to-action. Easily understandable content is always a winner with clear imagery. Clear image with simple descriptors can attract the target audience in a focused manner.

Best for Branding Awareness

Here, the first impression is the last impression phrase fits as whenever a visitor comes to your website that visitor can see you and your business through your landing page so it should be that page which creates awareness and helps your visitor than definitely your visitor will become your customer and do awareness camp for you. Our experts make the plan for your business website to grab the desired traffic by making your landing page customer-friendly to improve brand awareness.

Increase in Sales & Conversions

Our experts say that increasing sales and conversion is a dynamic task as designing a landing page and forgetting about it will make you lose your visitors to keep a track on your landing page and the backend analysis as this will give you an idea on which design and content are working out for your business. Create appealing headlines and add value to your landing page by providing the best solution for your visitors' search query this will automatically increase sales and conversion as the visitor is convinced with what you offer and your way of offering.

Better Results Tracking & Reports

A landing page can convert for you as tracking of the hits, traffic, user behavior, and many other important data helps to increase the ROI and tell us what the audience would like to have on their plate, from any marketing. Landing page analysis is easier than a full whole website analysis.

Affordable than full website

This is a common understanding that designing a page instead of a whole website is easy, less time-consuming and affordable to work on. Everyone seeks an affordable way and exponentially increasing traffic there are so many ways to achieve the same. Landing pages are one of those ways and it is considered as the most affordable way and as our experience says it is the most result friendly so get a quote from us today.

Real-Time Google & Social Media Analytics

A focused and well-designed landing page can drastically increase the traffic and improves the users on a real-time basis which can be seen clearly and easily through analytics reports. The high percentage of real-time users and low bounce rate is the ultimate requirement & makes our campaign a success for your brands’ online marketing.


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Affordable and Economical Prices

We offer economical prices for landing page design as we have different kinds of plans as per your business needs. But we have created all the plans with an affordable price which a small scale, as well as a big scale company or business, can bear easily. Our work and quality speak more than our words.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

High Return on Investment

As we are aware now that landing pages are very focused as they have a specific goals/call-to-action so the chances of getting targeted audience increase exponentially. And, we also know that the relevant audience can make the desired change so we can guarantee you a high return on investment with our profitable landing page designing plans.

Dedicated Account Manager & Support

We believe in delivering the best solutions by assigning a dedicated project manager who will be responsible to take your requirements and give you the work you have set as your business/project goal.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a website already, why do i need a landing page for my PPC/Paid advertisement?

Landing pages are designed to grab the attention of a visitor in a goal-specific way with a clear call-to-action. Landing pages are easy to design than a whole website as it takes less time and it is focused on what action one wanted their clients’ to make as it is less distracting than a complete website. Landing pages are designed to make your audience decide easily in a short span of time. Headlines are always so important as they can make or break the deal as we design landing pages only when we are doing any paid campaign then we can get to know about the reason why a visitor came to a landing page and their behavior.

How many changes & revisions i can give?

We allow you to make unlimited changes but as an experienced specialist, we allow only those changes which can impact in a positive way as ultimately we wanted to grow your business through online means. All the changes and revisions suggested by you are taken very seriously and a thorough check is performed on all the suggestions as do not want to hamper the website performance.

Will you integrate the tracking, conversion codes?

The simple answer is no, a search engine submission isn’t necessary. The majority of search engines, notably Google, crawl and index pages by following links. By that logic, a single inbound link from any previously indexed page will identify your page to the engine.

Where will you host my landing page?

We can host the landing page on the trust-worthy channel and the hosting can be done on the platform which we offer or we can host your landing page on the platform which you are suggesting. Our emphasis will be mainly focused on the page loading speed and other important factors that can make an impact on the website for a better outcome.

What tools and platform do you use?

As an experienced team, we do not compromise over the quality of tools used in giving the best for a clients’ project/business we have taken. We utilize the best out of Photoshop tools, HTML and other graphic designing tools. Not only these tools we also give our best from the Google tools as this makes us sure about the landing page loading and mobile experience is up to delivering a good competency and standard setting.

Is there any contract that i have to sign?

Yes, we will integrate the tracking conversion code as it is an important factor for your business and website analytics. Integrating tracking conversion will help us in calculating the website’s landing page ups and downs that can show us the direction where we need to work on. We at deliver you landing page after checking and tracking all the aspects of design and vital factors.

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