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Do the advertising and Google AdWords management smartly by just taking a single step in collaboration with our agency and get the well-dressed ad campaigns to attract the revenue on your investment.

Search Network

Reach Intention-based customer with text ads.

Display Network

Run different kinds of ads across the web.


Promote your products with Shopping ads.


Reach & engage viewers on YouTube.

Universal App

Drive app installs across Google's networks.

Earn the relevant traffic for your website with our experts’ up-to-date skills in Google Ads Management Services and consistently maintaining the knowledge with updates. As a certified team, we are committed to ensuring a better ROI from your AdWords campaign.

Best keywords finding

For a strong and effective best keyword list, we do a thorough research on keywords as only targeted keywords behind a campaign can grab the audience who are searching for that particular business for a specific keyword. We have a dedicated team who perform such tasks for each project as this is the thing which is on highest priority for the focused audience reach and high ROI.

Conversion Tracking Creation & Implementation

This is one of the major and important things we do with our every AdWords campaign. We believe giving the low CPC and higher ROI and that is possible by tracking the users' behavior on our clicked ads. We create and integrate all the necessary tracking codes before the launch of the campaign which helps to run the campaign successfully.

Competitive Research & analysis

Competitive research is the first step and analysis is the second in order to obtain the competitors’ strategy of doing online competitor marketing strategy. Through paid ad campaigns after collecting the data from competitor’s analysis, we will be able to give you a potential insight into what is working and what is not working in the ad world. We at SEOCOMPANY.ME with our experts to create revenue on your investment in paid ads.

Text ads creation & optimization

Text ad creation depends on what you are presenting in front of your audience, what convenience you are giving in the answer to their query and the action goal of your ad. A competitive ad copy with the attention-grabbing ad can lead to a good click-through rate & conversion with the maintained quality score and ad ranking, estimated ad cost and revenue. All of these are given by our team’s experience in an optimized way.

Ads extension creation & Optimization

We create ads extension to improve the ads quality score and push visitors to click on our ads where the ultimate goal is to get lead/sales. We make sure that we use all the available extensions to improve the performance of our campaign to turn the wind in your direction.

Daily/Weekly campaign analysis

We ensure our every campaign is doing well, to achieve this our PPC experts do the daily/weekly campaign analysis in which we check the keywords, ads, and landing page performance as well as many other areas which are important to run the profitable Google AdWords campaign.

Landing page optimization

Create or optimize an existing landing page under the supervision of our experts with Google Ads Management Services to make your AdWords campaign profitable. A landing page is a key to get higher ROI from your PPC investment if it is not done in a right way then you can waste a lot of money for nothing. Let our PPC masters do it for you.

Bidding optimization

Bidding Optimization is a combination of goal and budget we have set for an ad campaign. We have bidding optimization included in our Google AdWords Management services offered by us as it can do wonders for your campaign. We suggest you go with our experienced specialists for the desired outcome from bidding optimization.

Weekly/Monthly reports

Reports we provide on a weekly and monthly basis are the services which ensure the transparent progress in the campaign management which gives a clear idea of the improvement in paid digital marketing techniques. This also lets you see what changes occur and happened after hiring us.

Do not miss out on the markets which can give you great traffic by just applying simple Google Ads tricks no matter what business you own we have solutions for all. Everything can be practically achievable by Google Ads management services from leads to online sales and re-marketing. Stay in touch with us for more interesting facts and revenue generating Google Adwords campaign in any domain you can think of.

Web Traffic, Leads and Sales Acquisition Experts

We plan bulletproof SEO strategy for your website

Effective Web Development Solutions

Target Specific/Desired Audience

This is the core advantage of Google Ads management services as it is very transparent and accurate when targeting the exact audience. It has all the options from search keywords to video promotion. As experts, we can say Google PPC gives you 100% results which you have dreamt of and we make the campaign which goes like a focused dart on board.

Immediate Results & outcome

Results depend on the thorough knowledge implementation in the most productive way. We at SEOCOMPANY.ME utilize our experience to let our clients’ grab the best outcomes from Google AdWords campaigns whether it is to generate leads, sales, and traffic.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Control Budget & Advertisement

To control the budget the first campaign plays an important role as it requires proper analysis and experiments. Our budget control strategy comes after the first campaign where you get a clear idea about the audience behavior towards your business advertisement according to the reactions we design the strategy of your advertisements’ budget control accordingly.

Boost Traffic & Conversion

Google PPC gives a very specific boost to the traffic of your website as the target which it does is very focused we take out the best from this benefit of this paid digital marketing technique that can give regular conversions.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Better Ads Visibility & Performance

Performance and visibility only come when your campaign is made with the potential which can attract the audience in an influential way and when your audience sees the creative ads/banners they would love to make an action which increases the conversions from the campaign. Our tips not only increase the visibility and performance as per the business requirements but also generate the high ROI.

No Impact from SEO Updates

While you are investing in AdWords to generate more sales & traffic on your website you no need to worry about the SEO updates. PPC has no relation to the SEO and due to that, you avoid a headache that people face while they are investing in the SEO.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Google Ads FAQs

Answers to your Google Paid Campaigns queries and doubts

What is PPC/CPC/Google Ads?
Pay per click (PPC), Cost per Click (CPC) and AdWords all are paid internet marketing process which allows a marketer to set-up the campaigns to catch the audience which is searching for your business/products/services through a query or through certain of keywords. Experts have the experience to create a campaign which can elevate the traffic on your business website. To get the best out of your investment have a conversion with us for a customizable strategy as these methods are paid.
I am a small business, how Google Ads or PPC can help?
PPC is the most promising internet advertisement method for a small and medium scale business. One can have a complete control of PPC campaign with the transparent results. We prepare the estimations on the clicks & conversions and give you brilliant ideas for placing your PPC campaign which can pour you with the desired outcomes with a budget-friendly campaign.
How many keywords i can give you?
As per our experts' keywords keep changing they have a dynamic nature. We act for results and don't restrict our campaigns with the limited keywords. A limited count of the keywords is not enough to always rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page's sponsored ads a constant work on Keywords are necessary.
What is your SEO process after i make the payment?
After we receive the payment we assign a dedicated SEO project manager for you and a team which includes the On-page optimizer, Off-page optimizer, and a Content writer. The very first thing we do is On-page optimization in which we analyse your and your competitor's website and plan the further strategy and share the work report every week/month with you.
Is your fees different for Search Network, Display Network and other campaign type?
As the campaign category lies in the same category which is the reason why our fees are the same for the Search network, display network, and other campaigns.
Can i show my ads to my desired audience only, not to everyone?
Yes, we can set up the campaign as per your desired audience target. Simply share your requirements with us that what is your objective and we will come up with the plan for you with the estimation of the results.
Is there any contract and ads setup fees?
No, we do not bound our customers in any contract. But, we recommend to run the campaign for at least 4-6 months for a better results and optimization of the campaign. We do not charge any set up fees.
What is your Google Ads or PPC campaign Management fees?
The fee we charge for Google AdWords campaign is fixed 15% of the total budget whether it is a Search, Display, Call or Video campaign. We have the custom solutions for the long-term campaigns and customize campaign requirements. Please note, the banner design, video creation, landing page, and other material development is not included in our 15% fees, but, yes the campaign setup is included. You can get in touch with us for more information.


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