FREE Website SEO Audit Report Valued at INR25,000:-

1- Website technical analysis
2- Competitor's backlinks and Web traffic analysis
3- Website Health Check and Improvements Areas Analysis and much more..

Our team is ready to review your website’s SEO aspects and provide some tips to help you increase traffic, drive leads and maximize revenue.

What will I receive in my Free SEO Audit Report?
Our FREE Website Audit report contains the technical issues, areas of improvements, competitor's analysis and many other important information to grow your business on the Search Engines.
Would  you recommend the solutions?

Our FREE SEO Audit report comes with the website's overall issues which will help you to know the lacking areas. If you wish to improve your website's ranking and performance on the Search Engines, you can buy our services and can email us directly at [email protected].

Can I share my competitors websites for analysis?
Yes, you can. We request to share maximum 3 competitors of which you want to know their current website traffic behaviour, backlinks strategies etc.
How long will you take to send the SEO report?

Normally, we take 2 working days to prepare and send the report but it may take 5-7 working days when there is huge traffic and FREE Website SEO Audit report requests.

Is there any hidden cost to get this FREE SEO report?

There is no hidden cost. This report is absolutely free. After reviewing the report if you wish to fix the website issues and grow web traffic & sales and keywords ranking you can email us at [email protected] to buy our services :)

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Why Choose Us As Your SEO Company

Increase Company Sales & Traffic

Our Search Engine Optimization services guarantee you for an increase in website traffic and sales by a significant amount of lead generation as per your business need.

Increase SERP Ranking

Visitors prefer to click mostly on the links present on first result page of Google; our experience allows us to make a smart & focused plan to improve your website’s ranking and to uplift it in top-ranking or #1 ranking position on Google.

Increase Quality Links to website

Backlinks can drastically elevate the ranking of your website but the only important thing to keep a track on which is Quality backlink as only quality backlinks are beneficial. As it is a major factor to rank on first search engine result page, we emphasize more on long-term quality backlinks.

Increase Local Branding

To enhance local branding and awareness amid the audience searching for a small and local business is our concern of priority. We help businesses to reach such audience by following our well-planned strategies.

Increase New & Returning Visitors

We plan in such a way that we grab the traffic through keyword specific and webpage specific SEO as this strategy can cover and assure us to increase new visitors and maintain the existing/returning visitors.

Increase Online Reputation

Our Search Engine Optimization Services create a perfect combination of review submissions and PR submissions which helps us in building a brand reputation of a business that creates a big difference in the brand reputation on all platforms.

One can get the best outcome for their business website SEO by doing research and website SEO audit by finding best keywords for the estimated and relevant search queries with high DA and PA backlinks and also by in-depth competitor analysis by the use of industry’s best tools with a combination of quality content writing and marketing strategies. Being a reliable Search Engine Optimization Services company we focus on all the major areas that are important to bring your website on top of the search engine result pages (SERP) and higher conversion rate.

Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit is an audit process of content, website quality, technical issues of a website, links (Backlinks), individual page audit, audit on competitor’s activities and SEO strategies, website citations and experience of a user on the website. Our audit approach can give you an insight on which part you are lagging behind & how you can revamp and raise the revenue with relevant points.

Blog/Forum Posting

To make sure your website ranks on the targeted keywords, we consistently create the engaging quality content for the other high DA PA Blogs & Forums as this is one of the top Off-page optimization factors to achieve the top SERP ranking. Get in touch with us to know more.

In Depth Competitors Analysis

We put all our efforts to do in-depth competitor Analysis to make you extract the hidden aspects of their SEO strategy where you are not given any attention and can do better through our SEO services. In order to make sure we do the detailed analysis and find the secrets of your top competitors ranking, we use the best industry tools as well.

Search Engine Friendly Content Writing

Combine creative and motivating content writing with Google friendly SEO rules for the human website visitors is the ultimate goal of search engine friendly content writing. We let you take out all your creative thinking to rank higher on search engine results and mix it well with strategic thinking.

Relevant Keyword Research

Why a person does research on keywords now this is the answer for it that only some keywords can give you traffic not all and this is a dynamic process. So, we can work together to have an idea on which keyword or list of keywords is the most suitable for your website as it is only achieved by thorough research as keywords change with visitors query. Also, using the right keywords is the key to get the buyers and increase sales.

High DA/PA Backlinks

Google has given backlink a very important spot in its top Website ranking factors. Having a high quality backlink and that too with High Domain Authority and Page Authority websites is a Golden opportunity. Our link building websites library consists of the top DA & PA site lists from across the world which makes our turn around time faster for off-page optimization activities. Let us make a smart move towards such a great approach and boost the traffic of your website.

Reviews Submissions

Reviews and recommendations are the most influential ways to elevate the traffic on your website. Honest and inspiring review from an existing customer can motivate new visitors to come to your business’s target page. Let us fill your basket with so many such advice for the increase in traffic of your website.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization services?

A. SEO is a very transparent modern digital marketing component as we can measure the growth through the SEO strategies applied.

B. SEO can give a business a direct revenue on investment by attracting only and only relevant and appropriate traffic to your website.

C. Online presence, brand awareness, and user experience focused strategies are summed-up within On-Page and Off – Page SEO.

D. More targeted and focused to magnetically attract the keyword specific audience that will turn the audience into loyal customers.

E. SEO strategies or approach lies within the range of budget with the most promising results in industry and gives your audience a brief on your business, product or service depending on the time interval of SEO campaigns or strategy.

F.  Search Engine Optimization is not a time-bound marketing strategy it works every minute and every hour of a day whenever your customer is asking a query or wanted a problem to be resolved.

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