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With the growing demand of e-commerce website design and development, the market has started to strive for a bigger audience flow. we design and develop a very versatile and flexible e-commerce website which is customizable as per your needs. We don't compromise over features and latest technology incorporated into the project as per the requirements. Our dedicated team masters into designing the best user interface to make the platform achieve the brand popularity, potential customers with the features and latest e-commerce trends.


Build your customizable e-commerce platform with our experts and get the best out of this open-source technology.


Although WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin but a very powerful plugin to fulfill all your eCommerce platform needs. Let our specialists give your business a better direction with Woocommerce as your one-stop solution.


Whether your e-commerce business need is small or big let our effective plans with best features of PrestaShop do it all for you

Custom PHP Ecommerce

Get the effective and effortless custom PHP e-commerce platform designed by the best minds in SEOCOMPANY.ME and get in touch with us in just a single click with an affordable pricing.

100% Transparency. Full Weekly/Monthly Reports. Guaranteed Website Traffic Increase.

Our bulletproof strategies & planning for Online Marketing help customers to increase web traffic and sales.

Domain & Hosting

You no longer need to pay for Domain and hosting as we offer these two services free for all our customers and new visitors who wanted to opt for the services with us.

Category & Product Management

Get the peace of mind as we offer niche specific Category & Product Management approach in a simplified manner.

Invoice & Shipping Management

One of the great features we provide in each plan is Invoice & Shipping Management the most crucial part of an e-commerce website.

Mobile & Browser Friendly

Let your e-commerce website be a Mobile and Browser friendly website as the highest traffic can be achieved within any of these in the desired timeframe.

Sub-admin Control & Management

Our specialist will give you the most professional and authoritative way to create and moderate different sections of your websites to manage it in the most fruitful way.

Content Management System

Facilitate your business with the industry’s eminent Content Management System with our agency and get the most efficient and revenue worthy CMS for your platform in your fingertips

Easy User Navigation & Quick Checkout

Navigation and checkout process of your platform can make or break the deal within seconds so without any further delay grab the top-notch Easy-user navigation and checkout system developed by our developers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration is the most integral part of an e-commerce platform an easy way to pay for users can get you a higher percentage of customers coming to your website.

Search Engine Friendly

A different source can collect different type of niche-specific traffic. We should not underestimate the power Search engine. So, every time the best minds at SEOCOMPANY.ME will provide you with the latest search friendly tactics in order to grab the audience of your business interest.

Advanced Sales Reporting

Advanced Sales reporting helps you plan further marketing or business strategy, we are here to help you with the gist of these reports. Simply connect with us and we will provide you with surprising facts to grow your business.

Quick & Easy Product Sorting

Our product sorting feature lets your e-commerce visitors find the desired product quickly. Navigate your product’s at a very easy pace in just a click with a user-friendly interface.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Generate Revenue Across all the Devices

We as an expert prefer to develop the best e-commerce platform for each device whether it is a magnetic mobile phone, handy tablet or a laptop or a desktop. Our friendly platform attracts users from all devices and easy navigation for a visitor or a user is always in on top spot in our priority list to make sure that combination of important strategic factors can let your user stick to it

Easy to manage- built for a tech-savvy and a layman

We at SEOCOMPANY.ME takes ownership to make backend of your e-commerce platform and we also give a thorough demo on your specific project and a customer support is also provided when we make the website live to ensure that the online store is running absolutely fine without any error. As we always target error-free delivery for all our clients.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Quick Loading. Quick Checkout. Quick Navigation

We value the time of each visitor/user and a client similar thought we implement in the platform we design and develop for you. As we know within seconds a huge percentage of business can hamper so we work on site speed keeping all these points in mind. We work closely on easy checkout process as site loading and checkout pages are the two very key pages for an e-commerce platform as it holds the main decision making funnel levels

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I manage the categories and sub-categories as I have new categories time to time?

We develop a separate section at the backend of your e-commerce platform where you can manage, add or edit existing category or new category, sub-category with full control.

My shipping is on Distance, Weight and Size how will I manage it?

We offer e-commerce solutions which are built for any kind of complicated shipping requirements, you just need to tell us a brief and with the help of our developed online store you can manage and control your website's shipping.

How will I manage the Tax as in my country we have different Taxes.

Our e-commerce model is designed in such a way that it can cope up with all such requirements for all the countries where you are doing business and complicated tax need is also an easy task for this model.

I want to host my E-commerce on my own server is it possible?

Yes, we will provide all the codes to you if you request for it after receiving the quote confirmation from both the sides or if you share website’s hosting login details with our dedicated project expert then we will do the deployment without any extra cost.

How will my website members track their orders?

The tracking process will be the easiest one as we develop an entirely dedicated module in your website and we will link it to your shipping model so that your users can see the status of their order delivery. And, please note that order tracking function may be different as per the selected shipping model.

I have thousands of products, how will I manage the product uploading?

We will provide a complete demo and manual to show how our e-commerce model let you adopt the technique for bulk-uploading with various options within it and this will help you save a lot of time.

How the in-stock and out-of-stock works on ecommerce?

Generally, there are so many ways to manage the stock of the products & we at SEOCOMPANY.ME also give some additional tips and tricks for your e-commerce platform. Let’s say there is a situation where you wanted to show a product out of stock after certain quantity is left or from backend you want to manage, both are offered by us as per your need. Just tell us how you want to manage the stocks & our project consultant will advise you as per your product range.

How will I accept the online payments by credit card, net banking etc?

In order to make business easy, we have made our e-commerce websites compatible with all the major online gateways and we are listing some of them here - PayPal, Google checkout,, etc. We welcome our clients to communicate with us and let us know about their choice and we will do the rest.

Is the guest checkout possible?

At SEOCOMPANY.ME we strongly believe in saving the time of users by making easy and quick checkout process which results in higher revenues


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